Kuehlspeed International Ltd: for all your temperature controlled requirements!

Kuehlspeed Ltd aims not only to serve our customers with commitment and professionalism but also to conduct our business so that we always come up to the standards that our customers have come to expect of us.

Kuehlspeed Ltd is a well-established business, starting when it was founded in 1997 in Versmold, Germany, which has a proud history of transporting goods throughout Europe. Having expanded over the years, Kuehlspeed offers competitive rates, dedicated customer service, ISO 9001 quality standards and a superb record of meeting our customers' requirements.


In an ever increasingly competitive market where our customers require individual, fast, creative and uncomplicated decisions, Kuehlspeed, with it's flat management structure and flexible logistics concepts at market rates is your advantage.


Wherever you're planning project logistics or have requirements for just small pallets, Kuehlspeed is your partner.