Legal notice

Name of company

Kuehlspeed International Ltd


Registered office

40 Eastwood Park



United Kingdom


Contact details

Tel: 07900 538381



Business ID no.




GB 210 372 949


All quotes are valid for a minimum of 14 days from date of sending. All bookings must be confirmed in writing, by email, 48hrs prior to loading and all work is undertaken subject to acceptance by Kuehlspeed Ltd. All work is undertaken, carried out and contracted to Kuehlspeed Internationale Spedition GmbH.
All business undertaken on our own fleet is subject to the terms and conditions of the ADSp (General Terms and Conditions of German Freight Forwarders), latest edition. Article 23 of the ADSp determines statuatory limited liabilities in the event of damages incurred pursuant to § 431 HGB (German Statuatory Commercial Code) for damages/losses whilst goods are in custody of the Freight Forwarder. Limited liability amounts to € 5,-- (Euros Five) per Kilogram gross in case of damages and/or losses, for multi-modal movements 2 SDR (Special Drawing Rights) per Kilogram Loss and/or damage, maximum of € 1 Million respectively 2 Miillion per claim or 2 SDR/kilogram, whichever the greater amount. 
Where we freight forward and work with selected partners we work to our our trading Terms and Conditions of Kuehlspeed International Ltd. A copy can be downloaded below.



Kuehlspeed International ltd Terms and Conditions
Kuehlspeed International Ltd Terms and C[...]
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