Chilled & Frozen Food Transport

Kuehlspeed International specialises in the UK distribution of perishable food products. Our cold food couriers service well-known brands internationally and we are renowned for our reliable, punctual service at home and abroad.


We carry frozen, chilled, warmed and ambient goods across a variety of products, including meats, diary, fruits, vegetables and confectionary. These goods can be transported from coldstores, direct from the manufacturing plants or fields, from airports or ports to distribution facilities, to supermarkets or to end users.


An unrivalled cold and frozen food courier service in the UK


Our dedication to providing an exceptional chilled courier service to our clients ensures we are the first port of call for hundreds of businesses in a huge range of locations. Our frozen and chilled food courier service also caters for groupage, part and full loads as for express and time-critical movements, ensuring we can tailor our cold food courier service to meet any and all requirements.


You’ll find that we offer some of the most competitive courier rates on the continent, too.

For more information on our transportation methods, to discover which locations we cover or to discuss our food courier services in more depth, please contact our team directly on 07900 538 381.